The origin of the name Schollenberger

The roots of this name can be found in Switzerland.
After the end of the "The Thirty Years war" (starting from 1650) a few swiss
citizens started to immigrate to Germany mainly to the lands Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz.

There were a lot of families and single persons among these immigrants who beared the name Schollenberger.

Klaus Schollenberger,
Hans Schollenberger and
Hans Joachim Schollenberger
could discover this family tree uninterrupted back to 1480.

It would be a great pleasure for me, Klaus Schollenberger, to get in contact with families of this genealogical tree from all over the world especially from the USA.



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Finally found the place of birth of an emigrant who settled in America

On 21 October I received an e-mail from Helen Shollenbarger-Eller, Texas.
She wrote to me that several persons throughout the US were looking more than 20
years for the descendants of Friedrich Schollenberger.
Friedrich Schollenberger arrived in Pennsylvania on 3 September 1742
at the age of 40 on the ship "Loyal Judith".
She assumed that he had 4 sons named Lorenz, Heinrich, Gerhard and Jacob.
Through intensive investigation in the US and Switzerland they could not find any trace.
The descendants of Friedrich had built up a big family tree. Today bearing the names:
Shollenbarger, Schallinberger, Shallenberger, Shellenbarger, Shulenberger and Shollenberger.

My knowledge concerning the family tree of the Schollenberger's, a bit of shrewdness and getting in contact with Hermann Schollenberger in Albig finally led to success.
Two months later on 20 December 2000 I finally could send Helen all details of the emigrant:
Johann Friedrich Schollenberger born 18 March 1703 in Albig near Alzey (Rheinland-Pfalz / Germany)
married 11 January 1729 Anna Katharina Hoppach born 29 March 1701 in Albig.
Johann Gerhard born 21 April 1733,
Johann Heinrich born 30 January 1735,
Johann Lorenz born 14 August 1737,
Anna Elisabeth born 14 August 1737,
Maria Magdalena born 7 December 1739.
Another child with the name Jacob was born in the US.
This family emigrated from Albig to Pennsylvania/US and arrived on 3 September 1742
with the ship, "Loyal Judith".

The parents of Friedrich Schollenberger:
Dietrich Schollenberger, born 1673, died 22 February 1746 in Albig, married 17 February 1699
in Albig Christine Messenkopf, born 1677 in Bechenheim near Albig, died 27 July 1758 in Albig.

The grandparents of Friedrich Schollenberger:
Tilmann or Tilemann Schollenberger born ~1630
Place of birth ?
Died before 1690.
His Wife Margarethe, born May 1630.
Name of birth ?, Place of birth ?
Died 18 January 1710 in Albig.

The investigations concerning the place of birth of Tilmann Schollenberger are not yet finished.
It is very hard to find a trace of him. He might be born in Switzerland, the netherlands or Germany.

Klaus Schollenberger
15. November 2001